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Awareness campaigns have been started for farmers in order to control smog.

Under direction of Commissioner Sahiwal Division, Arif Anwar Bloch, Agriculture Department of Sahiwal Division has started campaigns for farmers to highlight the health effects of crop residue burning. Burning of agricultural biomass residue, or Crop Residue Burning (CRB) has been identified as a major health hazard. In addition to causing exposure to extremely high levels of particulate matter concentration to people in the immediate vicinity, it is also a major regional source of air pollution.

In order to prevent farmers and landowners from burning crop residues announcements have been made in Mosques of every villages. Farmers have been motivated not to burn rice crop stubble, as it is the major cause of smog. It produces extremely high levels of toxic particulates, which affect the health of the people in the direct vicinity of the burning. Director Agriculture (Extension) Sahiwal Division, Farooq Javed said that measures would be taken in order to prevent farmers from burning the residues of crops. In Sahiwal Division action has been taken against 102 people and it is a record for the first time.

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