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To protect the poultry from diseases effective measures must be taken, Livestock Experts.

Prevention and control of poultry diseases is one of the most important factor for the profitability of poultry farming business. Livestock experts have directed farmers to take effective measures in order to protect the poultry from different diseases. They said that effective strategies must be ensured to prevent the poultry from harmful diseases. The cleanliness of the shed should be ...

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During frost period light irrigation must be done in wheat crop.

Agriculture experts have directed farmers to do light irrigation during frost period. Frost occurs when cold air blows into an area to replace warmer air that was present before the weather change. When light irrigation is done during frost period, water begins to freeze and heat is released. It is the heat that prevents the temperature from being drop. In ...

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Standard quality of seeds and fertilizers must be ensured for wheat cultivation, Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal

Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal, Muhammad Zaman said that provision of standard quality seeds and fertilizers will be ensured for the cultivation of wheat. No one will be permitted to exploit the rights of farmers. To avoid the farmer lose in Mandi by the middle man, a proper mechanism will be organized. He said this, while addressing the meeting, arranged for resolving ...

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Farmers should stop irrigating mango plants during December, Agriculture Specialist.

The success of mango orchards largely depends on method and management of irrigation. Proper irrigation scheduling, especially during the period of plant growth and development is necessary. Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to stop irrigating mango plants during the month of December. Pruning must be done and offshoots growth should be avoided and must be trimmed. Moderate pruning is done ...

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Every fifth buffalo and cow in Pakistan is suffering from mastitis, Experts.

Experts from the clinical medicine and surgery department of the Faisalabad University, said that in Pakistan every fifth buffalo and cow is suffering from mastitis. They said that mastitis is caused by udder infection, usually resulting from bacteria entering through the teat canal and move to the udder and multiply in the mammary gland. It results in potential losses in ...

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Kinnow export target has been set, 325,000 tonnes this year.

All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters and Importers Association has set current year export target of Kinnow to 325,000 tons by reducing 50,000 tons compared to the previous year. The export of Kinnow will begin from 1st December 2018. Production of Kinnow during this year is expected to be around 2 million tonnes, however due to limited availability of best ...

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Vegetables must be covered during frost period.

Experts have directed farmers to completely cover the vegetables during frost period. Vegetables such as tomato, chillies, brinjal, cucumber and pumpkin must be covered with a proper cover during winters in order to protect them from frost damage. If temperatures are expected to remain near freezing for a short period of time, a simple protective covering is usually adequate. Frost ...

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Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to cultivate approved varieties of soybean.

Soybean has become an increasingly important agricultural commodity. It is one of the most important oil seed crop and good source of protein. Experts have directed farmers to timely cultivate soybean. Fertile loamy soil with good drainage are more suitable for its cultivation. Saline and water-logged soils are not suitable and must be avoided for its cultivation. They said that ...

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