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Pest scouting of cotton must be done twice a week

Agriculture Department spokesman said that cotton is a sensitive crop due which it is more likely to damage from rain and humidity. More rain has bad impact on cotton crop. Farmers must do pest scouting twice a week, after doing pest scouting if the insects attack increases economic threshold level, than with the advice of local agricultural experts use new ...

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Cultivation of lentil approved varieties has started

Department of Agriculture has instructed to start cultivate approved varieties of Lentil from October 1st and further said that cultivation of approved varieties such as Masoor 85, Masoor 95, Local Masoor , Mansehra 89 etc can give best production. For the cultivation of Masoor 85 seed rate should be 8 kg per acre while 12 kg seed rate for Mansehra ...

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Cultivation of Gram will start from 25th September

In irrigated areas use one or half bag of DAP for crop, agriculture department. Agriculture department has directed farmers to start cultivation of gram from 25th September, while the approved varieties have also been announced. Agriculture department said that the farmers should start cultivation of gram in northern districts of Punjab includes Attock and Chakwal from September 25th to October ...

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‘Potohar Kissan Maila’ will held on 26th September

‘Potohar Kissan Maila’ for Arid zone farmers to introduce Modern Technologies and Agricultural machinery organized by BAARI Chakwal will be held on 26th September. Director BARRI Chakwal Muhammad Tariq told media that It is time to introduce farmers with high technology because the use of modern technology can increase the agricultural production.

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Apply Urea, DAP, Potash after harvesting Lemon and Mitha

Agriculture Department has directed farmers to start harvesting lemon and mitha and said that growers should start harvesting citrus fruits timely. Agriculture Department Faisalabad said that after harvesting use 1 kg of urea, one kilogram DAP, one kilograms of potash per acre and dig  3 square feet ditches and leave them open for two weeks. They said that before planting ...

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Agriculture Department started preparing fodder crops to increase milk production, Dr. Abid Mahmood

Director General Agriculture (Research) Dr. Abid Mahmood has said that the agriculture department has started work on the supply of fodder to increase the  milk production of animals and to make it full of nourishment. Barseem, Lucerne and Charri seeds are provided by seed cooperation. This project is of three years, and they said that fodder crops are very important ...

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Approved varieties of sangtra and malta announced

Agriculture department announced approved citrus varieties for better production and to achieve good yield. Grower should grow honey mandarian ,Clementine,  Salustiana ,  Torocco and moro blood, so that they can not only produce a high yield but also exported to other countries for good revenue. The best time for sowing of citrus is September and October. They said cultivation of ...

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Olive Production Technology

Introduction and Importance Olive (Olea europea L) is one of the oldest plants cultivated by man in the world. The native home of the olive is considered to be Asia Minor where from it spread to Europe and North African countries. The world area under this crop is 10 million hectares from which 853.1 thousand tones oil is produced annually. ...

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