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Summer vegetables can be successfully grown in winter season under polythene plastic sheet.

Growing crops out of season in controlled atmosphere inside polythene tunnel is referred to as off-season technology or tunnel farming. In Pakistan, this kind of farming is normally adopted for off-season cultivation of summer vegetables. As it is not possible to grow summer vegetables in open field from December to February due to low temperature and high frost conditions. In ...

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Farmers are directed to adopt latest technologies including drip irrigation system.

Agriculture Experts have advised growers to adopt latest technology including drip irrigation in order to obtain higher yields, besides saving water and fertilizer. Spokesman of Agriculture department on Tuesday said that under drip irrigation system water is supplied to the root zone of plants, so that required water is fulfilled and optimum growth occurs. He said the government was promoting ...

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Chilli seedlings should be transplanted to the field during the month of January.

Agriculture Experts have directed farmers to transfer chilli seedlings to the fields during the month of January. For higher production, farmers should select fertile loamy soil rich with good drainage system. Water-logged and alkali soils are not suitable for its cultivation. The soil must retain moisture for longer time. Before the transplantation, farmyard manure at the rate of 10-12 tonnes ...

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In hydroponics the ideal humidity level is around 50 percent.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil. In this methods plants are grown in a water based, nutrient rich solution. It does not require soil and hence the root system is supported using an inert medium. The ideal humidity level in hydroponics is 50%, however, the humidity may go as high as 70% without serious adverse effects. ...

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Sunflower cultivation should be started from 25th January till the end of February.

Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to timely cultivate sunflower, in order to get a bumper crop. The schedule for the cultivation of sunflower has been announced. Under the scheme of Sunflower cultivation, Agriculture Department of Punjab has divided Punjab into three parts. Spokesperson of Agriculture Department said that the schedule for spring cultivation in Punjab districts has been issued after ...

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Canola crop must be protected from harmful insects, Spokesman Agriculture Department.

As a number of insects damage canola crop, Agriculture Department has instructed farmers to protect canola crop from various insect pests. Appropriate measures must be taken timely in order to ensure higher production. They said that both nymph and adult stage of aphid intensely attack canola, Toria, Raya and Tara Mera. Aphids appear in clusters and stick to plant shoots, ...

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In Faisalabad division 393,000 animals were vaccinated for deworming.

The Livestock Department has vaccinated 393,000 animals for deworming in Faisalabad division during last 150 days. Spokesman of Livestock said on Tuesday that 196,900 animals were vaccinated in Faisalabad district, 89,795 in Jhang, 57,273 in Chiniot and 49,032 animals in district Toba Tek Singh. The vaccination staff has been directed to coordinate with cattle farmers in order to run vaccination ...

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In order to meet the increase demand of meat and wool, local breeds of sheep must be reared.

Livestock sector provides employment to a large number of rural households and about 35 million people are engaged in livestock related activities, earning about 40% of their income. Agriculture Experts of livestock and diary development have directed farmers to raise local breed of sheep to ensure higher productivity.  Keeping in view, the increase demand of meat and wool, farmers have ...

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Irrigation Department, Sindh announces closure of different canals.

The Executive Engineer Irrigation, Nasrat Division Shaheed Benazir Abad, on Thursday said that different canals would remain closed from December 16 to December 23, 2018 due to shortage of water in Indus River and Rohri Canal. According to announcement, Titri Minor, Kot Laloo Minor, Chhanri Distry, Dhoro Khanjan Minor, Mian Jhar Minor, Dhoro Naro Minor and Kyarion Minor will remain ...

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Tree plantation campaign launched at railway stations, Multan.

Pakistan Railways, Multan division started tree plantation campaign on Saturday, to convert all of the region of railways into lush green. Divisional Superintendent Railway Multan, Amir Daud said to the media that in line with special directions of Railway headquarters, the Multan division has started plantation of saplings at railway stations. He said that a nursery has been established near ...

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