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Okra requires high soil temperatures and high day and night temperatures for best production

Okra is a warm season, kharif crop, requires high soil temperatures and high day and night temperatures for best production, but the growers start its cultivation from January as off season-early crop for getting higher prices. Okra generally takes two months for harvestable pods, which extends from February through November, but most of the production occurs in the summer months. ...

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Guidelines for cotton picking

Punjab agriculture department has urged farmers to take special care of cotton during picking, its storage and transportation to market. The standard of Pakistani cotton is acknowledged in the entire world.Farmers are suggested start picking when 50 percent of cotton fruit gains maturity.The cotton picked from infected or immature fruits should be kept away from healthy cotton, Farmers are urged ...

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Minister For Livestock Punjab Mian Nauman Kabir Visits UVAS

The Minister for Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab Mian Nauman Kabir paid a visit to theUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences(UVAS) Lahore City Campus Lahore and held a detailed meeting with Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, senior faculty members and administrative officers of the university.The minister lauded the progress made by the UVASfor the development of livestock ...

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Field preparation and Planting

The avocado plantation in a relatively new area required care in selection of the varieties. The varieties of both A and B groups should be selected and their flowering must overlap. The proportion of A and B group varieties can be 1:1 or 2:1. Avocado is planted out to a distance of 6 to 12 meters depending on the vigour ...

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Agri research playing vital role in ensuring food security

Punjab Secretary Agriculture Dr Wasif Khurshid said that agricultural research is playing an important role in ensuring food security of the country. Wasif appreciating work speed and enthusiasm/dedication of agricultural scientists towards completion of their tasks claimed that pro-farmer policies of the government resulted in 3.81 percent growth rate during this year. Similarly, crop sector witnessed 9 percent increase in ...

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Climate Required for Red Kidney Beans Farming

This crop grows well in tropical and temperate areas receiving 60 to 150 cm of rainfall annually. Ideal temperature for better yield is 15°C to 25°C. Thiscrop requires fine seedbed and good moisture in the soil for better germination of the seeds. Give two to three ploughing to bring soil at fine tilth. Make field level so that water stagnation ...

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Crop Water Use and Growth Stages

Periodically check soil water at different depths within the root zone and at different growth stages to avoid stressing the crop during critical growth stages.Crops that are in the sensitive stage of growth should be irrigated at a lower soil water depletion level than those that can withstand water stress. If a crop is last in the irrigation rotation and ...

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Extra care required for nursery raising of cauliflower

To cultivate healthy and free of disease nursery, following precaution should be taken: Land full of chemical fertilizer should be chosen; water drainage should be proper; irrigation water should be suitable from every respect ;land should be free of disease and fungus; sowing should be timely; level of ridges should be uniform and land should be free of weeds.

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