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Appropriate time for Berseem cultivation starts from last week of September and continues till 15th October.

Berseem is leguminous fodder crop and provide proteins and other minerals to animals. Appropriate time for Berseem cultivation starts from last week of September and continues till 15th October. It can be grown till December but when it is cultivated after appropriate time, then it gives less cuttings. Therefore, for the better production farmers are advised to cultivate berseem at ...

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Burning agriculture remnants should be avoided to reduce air pollution, Department of Agriculture

According to the Agriculture Department Punjab, the remnants of agriculture crops should be avoided, because it increases air pollution. According to a research, the suspended particles in the air should be 80 micrograms per cubic meter, but when the quantity is exceeded by this limit, the situation leads to air pollution which causes negative adverse effects on crops, fruits and ...

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Farmers are advised to complete soybean cultivation at appropriate time

Agricultural experts have said that farmers should cultivate soybean at appropriate time and should select fertile soil with good drainage for better production. They said if soybean kharif crop is planted at appropriate time, then growth occurs very smoothly. Selection of fertile loamy soil is very necessary for the cultivation of Soybean. Approved varieties such as Willams 82, NARC 1, ...

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Aquaponics- Growing Fish and Plants Together  Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. The fish waste provides an organic food source for the plants, and the plants naturally filter the water for the fish. The third participants are microbes (nitrifying bacteria). ...

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Quail Farming

 Characteristics of Quail Quails are very small sized bird. An adult quail weights between 150 to 200 grams and an egg weights around 7 to 15 grams. Female quails start laying eggs within their 6 to 7 weeks of age and continuously lay one egg daily. They lay about 300 eggs in their first year of life. After that ...

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Drip Irrigation

 What is drip Irrigation? Drip Irrigation is the localized application of irrigation water to the crop. Drip irrigation systems save a lot of water. In drip irrigation systems, water is applied drop by drop through small holes called emitters. It can save up to 30-60% of water and can be used for almost all kind of orchards, row crops ...

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Fish Farming

Fish Farming In Pakistan  Aquaculture is a recent development in Pakistan. Fish farmers stock ponds with Indian carp species such as Catla, Rohu and Common carp and two Chinese carp species, Grass carp and Silver carp. Two species of trout, namely brown trout and rainbow trout are cultured in Khyber Pakhton Khuwah (KPK) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) ...

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Mushroom Farming

 Mushrooms have been devoured as food by mankind since time immemorial after collecting from the forests. Mushroom being an indoor crop does not require arable land, except for some non-agricultural land to build the infrastructure for preparation of substrate, rising of crop, preparation of spawn and postharvest handling. White button mushrooms are grown seasonally and in environment controlled cropping ...

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Horticulture is a science and art of gardening and of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. Floriculture or flower farming is a discipline of horticulture that deals with the development, cultivation and marketing of flowering plants. Cut flower business deals with the growing of flowering plants and marketing of flowers cut along with some stem and leaf. These cut ...

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Kitchen Gardening

A kitchen garden is where herbs and vegetables are grown around the house for household use. Since early times a small plot near to the house has been used for growing a variety of vegetables according to the season. Local varieties such as radish, broad leaf mustard, chilli, beans, pumpkins etc. are all grown in the kitchen garden. In this ...

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