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Farmers are instructed to follow recommendations to overcome water scarcity, Agriculture Experts

Agricultural department has advised farmers to follow agricultural recommendations to overcome water scarcity. The spokesman agriculture department said that timely cultivation should be done for every crop.  Recommended rate of wheat should be used per acre so that good growth can be achieved. However, he said that for the cultivation of crops, laser technology should be used in order to conserve moisture ...

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Rain occurred in different areas of Punjab have positive Impact on wheat

Rain which occurred yesterday in Punjab will have a positive impact on wheat, gram and other crops. Director General Punjab Agriculture Department Extension Adaptive and Research (A&R) Muhammad Zafar YabHaider said this while taking to APP on Thursday. He said, “Removing weeds from standing crops is very important as they consume moisture and food which are to be utilized by ...

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Farmers should immediately start cultivation of Alsi, Agriculture Experts

Agriculture specialists have instructed farmers to immediately start cultivation of Alsi as soon as possible, so that higher production can be obtained by timely cultivating the crop. Therefore, it must be cultivated before 20th November. For the cultivation of linseed, medium fertile soil having a good drainage system is important. Ploughing should be done to a greater depth as the ...

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Sunflower seed contains 40% high quality crude oil, Experts.

Sunflower is one of the most important annual crops in the world grown for its edible oil. Its seeds contains 40 percent high quality crude oil. Nutritional benefits is highly attributed due to the vitamin A, B and K content. Sunflower is a short season crop and it is usually ready to harvest after 100-125 days. It is cultivated two ...

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Awareness campaigns have been started for farmers in order to control smog.

Under direction of Commissioner Sahiwal Division, Arif Anwar Bloch, Agriculture Department of Sahiwal Division has started campaigns for farmers to highlight the health effects of crop residue burning. Burning of agricultural biomass residue, or Crop Residue Burning (CRB) has been identified as a major health hazard. In addition to causing exposure to extremely high levels of particulate matter concentration to ...

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Annual production of date palm increased by 6 million tonnes.

Pakistan’s position is always among the seven largest producers and exporters of dates in the world. Its annual production has exceeded 6 million tonnes. Pakistan has earned 25 hundred million dollars in foreign exchange. If the proper facilities are made available then the export target can be further enhanced. According to the sources of Harvest Trading Department, due to the ...

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Mango plants must be protected from cold, Agriculture Experts

Agricultural Experts have directed growers to protect mango orchards from frost damage. Cold temperature badly affects the mango plants, so proper management is necessary in order to save the plants during severe cold period. Frost can scorch the leaves of fruit trees while reducing their health and sometimes interfering with fruiting. If the temperature goes below 4◦C, then the nursery ...

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