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Prevent cauliflowers from insect attack

Cauliflowers may be at risk of white fly and army worm infestation due to the warm climate, so prune the plants after the emergence of seedlings and remove the sick and weak plants. Farmers should inspect the crops daily and use pesticides of new chemistry for insect removal.

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Fertilizer application for maize crop

Farmers should add two bags of nitrophos and half bag of urea for fodder crop at the time of sowing. For the seed crop, adding one bag of DAP, one bag of potash and half bag of urea with second irrigation can gave better yield. Before planting, sow 3 or 4 trolley farm yard manure per acre uniformly in the ...

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Precautionary measures of spraying pesticides

Farmers should put water before pouring chemical into the spray machine tank, then add the required amount of chemical and fill the tank with water. Farmers should use hollow cone nozzle to spray insecticides. Irrigate the field to prevent crop dehydration in hot dry weather.

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Duck – Nature’s Way of Controlling Pests

Pakistan is amongst top ten most populous countries of the world and more than 65% of the population lives in rural areas. Besides financial constraints the people are facing serious issues of disease outbreak because there are big reservoirs of waste water that are places of many pathogens. Ducks rearing was a traditional source of protein in rural Punjab but ...

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Attack of warble fly (Mahro Makhi) animals.

“Mehro Makhi” or warble fly is highly dangerous for animals because it punctures skins, affects reproduction system and growth of animals, a focal person of Livestock Department Multan, Dr. Majid informed. The affected animals lose capacity to offer milk or produce babies due to attack of the fly, he said. These cattle heads could not take food properly as “Mehro ...

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Cultivation of mustard and rapeseed

Seed rate of mustard and rapeseed should be one and a half to two kilograms per acre and to prevent the diseases caused due to seeds they should be treated with benomil or thiophanate methyl  (2kg) before sowing. These oil seed crops should be sown in wattar by small seed drill and the seeds should not be sown more than ...

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Farmers should remove the weeds present in the cotton crop for effective treatment of the cotton leaf curl virus

Farmers should remove the weeds present in the cotton crop for effective treatment of the cotton leaf curl virus. These weeds compete with the nutritional requirements of the cotton plants. The effects of the virus can be minimized if balanced use of fertilizers, especially if potassium is used at optimum level. Dissolve magnesium sulphate solution is 300 grams, potassium nitrate ...

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