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Attack of mites on sugarcane crop

In the humid days of August and September, white mites may attack the sugarcane crop so farmers should be cautious and if the attack of mites is seen necessary steps should be taken to eradicate them. White mites form white webs on the lower side of the leaves, which cause white spots to appear, in parallel rows on the leaves. ...

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Best production can be achieved by growing T20 carrot variety

Experts have instructed farmers to use T-20 varieties for the cultivation of carrots so that better yields can be achieved. An important development of the carrot is T20 variety, which can achieve better yield, excellent quality, elegant shape and exquisite taste. For early sowing of carrot crop, soil should be fertile and water-efficient for excellent result.

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Attack of warble fly (mahro Makhi) animals.

“Mehro Makhi” or warble fly is highly dangerous for animals because it punctures skins, affects reproduction system and growth of animals, a focal person of Livestock Department Multan, Dr Majid informed.The affected animals lose capacity to offer milk or produce babies due to attack of the fly, he said. These cattle heads could not take food properly as “Mehro Makhi” ...

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Farmers should Use Modern Technology For Bumper Yield of sugarcane

Farmers should use the latest technologies with techniques and cultivate sugarcane crop in September for a bumper yield. Approved varieties showed the most resistance against various diseases and give good crop. Approved sugarcane varieties including CPF-243, CPF-246, CPF-247, SHF-240, HSF-242, CP-77-400, CP-72-2086, CP-433-33, CPF-237, SPF-245, SPF-234, SPF-213 and SPSG-26, etc for September cultivation. These varieties become ready for harvest early and give more yield ...

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Red peppers out in market

New peppers are being sold in the market for Rs 9,000 to Rs 9,500 per forty kilos. Last year, the price had reached 11,000 rupees. In the end, the market closed at 7,000, causing huge loss to traders.

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Paddy Varieties With Good Aroma, Taste Must Be Discovered

Paddy varieties having great aroma and taste must be discovered with an aim to export them. Paddy had been cultivated in Punjab on 380,000 acres of land and till now 25 paddy varieties had been discovered and these also included varieties which were resistant against various diseases. This year Basmati variety is being cultivated on 40 per cent of land, Sela rice ...

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Cultivation of potatoes

Cultivation of potatoes should start in mid-September, so it is possible to harvest it on time. Optimum temperature of required for potato production is 20 to 25 centigrade while soil temperature should be 15 to 18 centigrade. For potato cultivation 1200 to 1500 kilograms per acre of seed is required which should be healthy and free from diseases.

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