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Palm Oil rates increase by 2 percent

Malaysian Palm Oil prices increased by 2 percent, due to the increase in the rate of American soybean oil in the Chicago Board of Trade and the decrease in rate of exchange of ringgit. Purchase of Palm Oil’s in the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange found 2104 ringgit per ton, which is the highest price palm oil after May 21.

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Pakistan ranked 5th in the date producing countries

Agriculture experts said that because of the use of modern production technology, Pakistan has ranked fifth in the list of date producing countries worldwide. Whereas every year, production of about 9 lacs tonns to 1.5 million tons per year, out of which heavy exchange is being achieved by exports of dates, but if solar driers are installed for dates in ...

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Cotton farmers are required to implement scheduled irrigations

Agriculture expert has directed cotton farmers to follow the scheduled irrigation and said interval of irrigation should be decreased during hot summers, especially in the dry areas, so that the cotton crop can be protected from any kind of damage. For the cotton cultivated in the rows, the water should be given with the interval of 12 to 15 days, ...

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Farmers should do second cutting of sorghum after flowering

Agricultural experts have directed fodder growers to do the second cutting of sorghum after its flowering stage, because this stage has proper nutrition and the yield becomes. They said that the second cutting of sorghum could yield 600 to 800 mann per acre while late cuttings can reduce nutrient level as well. They said that after harvesting sorghum, irrigate sorghum ...

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Cultivation of tomato and cabbage nursery are started in Sillanwali

Agricultural experts have suggested farmers to start cultivation of tomato and cabbage nurseries.  Nagena and roma varieties of tomato should be cultivate. Irrigate vegetables with an interval of 8 to 10 days, but keep the duration for 4-5 days in a weak soil. In case of insect attack in Bingil and Okra apply insecticides which are recommended from agriculture department. ...

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60,000 farmers registered for the farmer’s card in Rawalpindi district

According to the data collected by the Department of Agriculture Rawalpindi, Punjab government has registered 61847 farmers in Rawalpindi for “farmer cards” in the district so the farmers can directly benefit from ongoing schemes, for promotion of agriculture. The local spokesman told the National News Agency that the Punjab government has introduced DAP subsidy scheme including “Farmer Package”, which has ...

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Kasur, Agriculture Department recommend farmers to take precautions regarding harvesting of pulses.

Agriculture Department recommend farmers to take precautions regarding harvesting of pulses. The department spokesperson said that the farmers should harvest the pulse at the right time so that the production will not affect. He said that before removing the plants, remove the infected plants so that they can help in achieving healthy seed from healthy plants. He said that harvesting ...

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