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Plant Protection Measures for Pomegranate

Insect pests mostly observed are fruit borer, mealy bugs, aphids, white fly and fruit sucking moths. Spraying with dimethoate , deltamethrin or malathion etc. depending upon the type of pest infestation has been found to be effective in most cases. The main diseases reported are leaf spot and fruit rot. Application of Mancozeb (2g./l.) during rainy season in case of ...

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Pakistan poultry industry working hard to overcome dietary shortage

In Pakistan, poultry feeds are not imported from any other country, particularly the Indian feed. All the ingredients used in the preparation of poultry feed especially corn, rice and fish meal etc are produced in Pakistan. At present, more than 1.5 million people are affiliated with the poultry sector, in which the investment volume has reached 750 billion, 80% poultry ...

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Reduction in production and sales of tractors

A reduction in the production and sale of tractors has been recorded this fiscal year. According to auto-moto manufacturers, the country produced 46 thousand 344 agricultural tractors, and 46 thousand 771 sales were recorded which is less than 44% in the same period of last fiscal year. Last fiscal year, 67 thousand 771 tractors production and 66 thousand 992 unit ...

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Fake Pesticides are damaging crops badly, Farmer welfare council

Pakistan Farmer Welfare Council expressed concern over the increase use and marketing of fake and non-standard agricultural pesticides, saying that these all are very harmful for crops that not only decreases the crop yield but also increase disease incident due to which farmers are facing huge financial losses, so Punjab government must immediately take steps to stop the sale of ...

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Palm Oil rates increase

The palm oil rates increased in the Malaysian market, due to the reduction in the currency exchange rate and the increase in prices of soybean oil in the Chicago Board of Trade. In Barsa Derivatives Exchange, Palm oil deal closed at 2035 Ringgit ($ 487.19) with a increase of 0.8 percent.

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An agricultural task force seized 173,450 kilogram/liter substandard agrochemicals across Punjab from July 2018 till now.

The Punjab Agriculture department sources told that the task force took action against 166 cases.The sources said the campaign against spurious agricultural medicine was under way as per the direction of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar.After seizing of agrochemicals, 544 FIRs had been registered besides arresting 133 accused, they added.The sources said the purpose of the campaign was to ...

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Global rates of cotton increased

In international commodities exchange, cotton prices increased which can likely reduce China’s trade tension. After the break of cotton, the US deal for December was increased by 0.46 cents (0.69%) to 66.88 cents per pound. In exchange, cotton had a total sale of 46140 bales, that is 6353 bales more, than the previous day.

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Vegetables play a key role in growth and development of human body, Agricultural Experts

Vegetables play an important role in the growth and development of the body. In order to maintain the nutritional properties of vegetables, Agriculture experts have given some beneficial suggestions and the nutritional properties can be preserved by following those suggestion. Due to insect pests and diseases 20-30 percent production decreases and sometimes the whole crop is damaged. So it is ...

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Crude oil prices declined, America

Crude oil prices declined in the US, due to China’s weak economic data report, the global demand for oil is likely to decrease. In New York, the trademarks of Brent North Crude in August fell down by 58 cents to $ 61.43 per barrel. According to the West Texas Intermediate deals, there is a reduction of 26 cents and the ...

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