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Water management in poultry sheds during summer

Livestock experts said that water in poultry farming is very important, as non availability of water in severe hot weather can cause increase death rate in chicks and decrease growth rate and production. Therefore it is necessary to do proper arrangements of clean water in poultry sheds during summer season. Water is more important as compared to food because without ...

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Wheat production to stay slightly above target.

The overall situation of wheat crop is impressive and the farmers must be happy. By the grace of Allah Almighty production will be more than the target. Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial said this while presiding over a high-level meeting on wheat crop. He instructed directors to take measures to protect the wheat crop affected with rust.

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Seminar conducted for better production of wheat crop.

A seminar was organized to achieve better production of wheat, agricultural experts and large number of farmers participated said that Agriculture is the backbone of country s economy, therefore we need to provide balanced fertilizers to the crops.He further said that recommendation of agricultural experts should be implemented to get better production of wheat. They advised the farmers to use ...

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Soil profiling gadgetry

Regular Soil Moisture monitoring of different soil & crop profiling parameters, like PH, EC, Na, K and Ca and many more are very critical to growing the best quality crops. So soil profiling gadgets helps farmers in; on-farm soil and crop profiling capability, regulating fertilizers & nutrients at different crop stages, saving of fertilizer & nutrient costs, time and labor.

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Farmers are instructed to protect okra from harmful insect pests, Agriculture Experts

Okra is an important crop, but its production is constrained by insect pests. Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to take appropriate measures in order to protect okra crop from harmful insects. They said during early winter late growers of okra should protect the crop from cotton spotted bollworm. Appropriate measures should be timely taken, so that there is minimum chance ...

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Instructions for turmeric cultivation

Agriculture department has directed farmers to timely sow the turmeric and choose fertile and well drained soil for better production of the crop. They said that farmers can also get extra income by planting turmeric in their gardens. For the cultivation of turmeric, prepare the land by ploughing it 3 to 4 times so the soil becomes soft and porous. ...

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Clean Green compaign, Reckitt Benckiser will spend 100 crores

The delegation will visit major countries for increasing the revenue, Rafiq Salman. Dettol and Harpic maker Reckitt Benckiser announced the support of Rs 100 crore in the Clean Green Pakistan campaign; this announcement was announced by Pakistan Chief Executive Officer Fahad Ashraf during the briefing of the local school occasion. Prime Minister’s Advisor for Climate Change Malik Amin and Water ...

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Sorghum Cultivation must be done during March-July

Punjab and Sindh are the major sorghum producing Provinces of Pakistan contributing respectively 47% and 26% of the total acreage. About 60% of the total area under this crop is irrigated, while the rest is rain-feed. It can be grown in a variety of soils heavy and light alluviums, red, gray, yellow loams and also sandy soils.March to July is ...

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Discovery of powerful antibiotics ingredients in common wild plant

Decline in the manufacturing of antibiotics nowadays is the major problem all around the world but the good news is that Switzerland’s experts have discovered powerful antibiotics in a common wild plant. Diseases and viruses are becoming resistant to the already present antibiotics. In this case, experts are investigating antibiotics in many plants, soil and fertilizers and even in the ...

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