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Farmers are directed to protect sesame crop from diseases.

Sesame is being cultivated successfully in almost 70 countries of the world, its properties are often associated with olive oil. Almost 5 to 10 percent of sesame oil is added into edible oil to enhance oil quality. In order to produce quality oil, it is essential to protect sesame crop from different diseases to attain better production. Major diseases of ...

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Punjab province is getting cyst nematode free Potato Production, Agriculture Department

65 Reports of cyst nematode attack on Potato crop from all over the world has been reported in which Pakistan is not included. According to the spokesperson, upon the instructions of Secretary Punjab Mohammad Mehmood,recently, Potato Research Institute Sahiwal jointly collaborated with Ayub Agricultural Research center Plant Pathology lab ,a comprehensive survey was done to collect soil sample from 200 ...

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RFID Technology in Agriculture

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, has been widely used in livestock to identify animals. But global futurist says use of the tagging technology will expand to crops as the technology gets exponentially better, faster and cheaper. These are really small computer chips that will allow consumers to track individual products from cradle to grave. Agriculture is also about food production ...

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Farmers should use healthy and disease-free setts for sugarcane cultivation.

In order to obtain higher production of sugarcane crop, healthy and disease-free setts having three to four eye pieces should be used. Insect-pest and disease infested setts should be discarded, especially root rot disease damaged canes. Apart from this, one-year-old cane must be selected for cultivation. Seed cane should be drawn from healthy crop of sugarcane preferably from the top ...

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Telematics in Agriculture

Imagine pulling up on your mobile computer a map that shows where all your vehicles are operating and their fuel levels, how much product has been applied or how much crop harvested, and even if a piece of equipment is ready to break down. Telematics is a technology that captures data from farm equipment operating in a field and transfers the ...

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Fungal attack on Pea Crop.

Attack on Fungus on Pea crop report. Agronomist Abas Ali Gul AARI told farmers that due to the attack of Powdery mildew, downy mildew plants are badly damaged and pods rotting occurs. For the control of these diseases Fungicide must be sprayed as soon as possible.

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Kaghzi lime can be cultivated on moderate soil.

Cultivation of Kaghzi lime during February-March, moderate environment is very important for obtaining higher production. Chilling temperature can cause severe damage to the production of Kaghzi lime. However, soil that is suitable for cultivation of common crops and fruits is also suitable for cultivating Kaghzi lime. Sahiwal, Multan, Gujarat, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Rahim Yar Khan are the suitable areas for the ...

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Use of GPS technology in agriculture

In the navigation field global positioning system topped the factors for easy access to places. The same impact or an equally valued impact has been made in agriculture too. Along with GPS, GIS also makes its part huge in effective farming. The involvement of these two technologies is for Site-specific farming and Precision farming. Some of the uses of these ...

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