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Three to four times hoeing should be done to save garlic crop from different diseases.

Agriculture experts advised farmers that hoeing and weeding should be done three to four times for preventing garlic from different disease. Take precautionary measure to prevent garlic from attack of different disease and insects especially don’t show any negligence on damping off disease. Damping off disease in leaves cause drying of leaves and on extreme attack it cause wilting because ...

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Guava orchards must be irrigated at an interval of 20 to 25 days

Experts have directed gardeners to irrigate guava orchards at an interval of 20 to 25 days. During the month of February and March, the irrigation should be done after 15 to 20 days. Agriculture experts said that guava is the fourth most important fruit of Pakistan, and third most important fruit of Punjab province, whose yield has exceeded more than ...

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Crackdown Against Spurious Khalbanola

Rotten cake, infected Roti Tukra and corn with high mycotoxin level can cause disease in animals and as a result the milk production decreases. These can even lead to death of the infected animal. For the better health and high milk production, animals should be provided with surplus green fodder and aflatoxin free Wanda from a certified company. As a ...

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Comprehensive strategy for increasing the cultivation of sunflower

Pakistan imports 300 billion rupees of edible oil annually, which increases the burden of payments on national finance. Agriculture officials of the department have said that steps are being taken under a comprehensive strategy for the increase in the cultivation of Sunflower in the province to reduce the imports of edible oil. For the season 2018-19, the target of cultivation ...

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Mass Vaccination Campaign

After the approval of Government of Punjab Livestock Department has started a paradigm shift in Livestock sector governance from curative regime, presently in vogue, to preventive regime. Keeping in view the economic losses of diseases which are more pronounced in the livestock sector health governance ,worthy  secretary Livestock Punjab   decided to launch Mass Vaccination  Campaign against diseases like HS, FMD, ...

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Solar System and Tunnel Technology.

For the last few years, our agriculture has been severely affected by climate change, which is directly influencing the farmer. That is why Punjab Government has been working on profitable agriculture through smart technology to minimize the impact of climate change, which will help farmers throughout the province. Farmers have been advised to cultivate off season vegetables in tunnels and ...

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Anthrax Disease in Animals and its Treatment.

Anthrax is an infectious zoonotic disease (could be transferred from animals to humans). It is primarily a disease of herbivorous animals particularly cattle’s sheep, goats, horses and mules. The disease naturally occurs among herbivorous animals through contaminated soil and feed. Infected animals shed the bacilli in terminal hemorrhage or spilt blood at death. Anthrax spores can persist in soil for ...

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Pakistan Horticulture Expo will promote export of fruits and vegetables.

In order to increase the export of fruits and vegetables, Pakistan Horti Expo will be held at 21 and 22 January 2019 under Department of Agriculture, Punjab. Agricultural spokesman told APP that scientists, exporters and importers will be participating in Horti Expo, while the two-day conference will bring innovation in production technologies. Farmers and exporters will get valuable income by ...

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Foot and mouth disease in livestock and its treatment.

Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious virus disease of animals especially cow, buffalo and goats. It is one of the most serious livestock diseases. Although FMD is not very lethal in adult animals, it can kill young animals and cause serious production losses. It reduces the milk production in the older animals. Bearing animals often lose their ...

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