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Spray irrigation for the vegetables sown in homes

People who have cultivated summer vegetables under kitchen gardening program at home should water the vegetables in the morning or evening with spray instead of flood so that seeds and vegetables can be protected from damage. The nursery of vegetables should be planted under the small tunnel formed from net or muslin cloth to protect the small plants from birds, ...

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Direction of timely removal of weeds, pruning and fertilizers for better production per acre of sunflower

Farmers pay special attention to weedicide, pruning and fertilizer use after sunflower cultivation. Factors affecting the production per acre of sunflower are the weeds because their abundance and rapid growth cause less availability of food, water and light for crop. The first eight weeks of sunflower germination are extremely important. To remove sunflower weeds, it can be done with hoeing ...

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Experts Warn Of Pink Boll Worm Attack As Cotton Crop Nears Maturity

Director Central Cotton Research Institute Multan warned farmers to get ready with suitable remedies and material against pink bollworm that usually hits cotton in Punjab early due to early maturing varieties and attains intensity after September15.In a release issued here Wednesday, Dr Zahid Mahmood advised farmers to pluck 100 green cotton bolls of the age of 14 to 28 days ...

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Potato Cultivation Should Start Immediately: Experts

The agriculture experts have advised growers to start cultivation of potato immediately and complete it by mid of October to get bumper yield. A spokesman for the agriculture department said here Wednesday that potato was used largely in the country because it was a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, potassium and sodium etc.He said the last half of September was ...

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Instructions to cultivate turnip

Recommended varieties of turnip like desi red, purple top and golden ball should be cultivated for better production. Select fertile land having soil with better drainage system. To prepare the field, plough the land with mould board plough thoroughly followed by planking to make the soil porous and soft. Use one bag of DAP and one bag of potash per ...

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Organic Compost Beneficial For Crops

Utilization of organic compost will play an important role in cultivating various crops which will be beneficial for farmers due to low cost. The vegetables, fruits, wheat, rice and other upland crops production could be enhanced after utilization of organic compost comparing with the use of chemical fertilizer.A survey showed that organic compost was much beneficial in cultivating crops and ...

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Olive harvesting, to begin this month

Olive harvesting should begin during this month of September, and for its cultivation soil with good drainage must be selected. Olives usually ripen in September. By cultivation of olives, the import of edible oil can be reduced which in turn will lower the burden on the economy.

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Cultivation of sugarcane

September is the perfect time to cultivate sugarcane, so farmers can cultivate this crop during the entire month of September to achieve better yields. But this requires better land selection, and the farmer should do deep ploughing into the level land before sowing and done planking for proper preparation. And then make 4-foot and 10 to12-inch deep ridges through the ...

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