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Protective measures for storing maize

<p>Maize farmers should thoroughly clean the warehouses from insects for storing the produce of maize after its harvest so that it can remain protected from pests. These insects are extremely harmful to maize grains. Close the cracks and holes in the walls, floor and ceilings. For the eradication of insects that are present in empty bags, the warehouse should be ...

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Advice to complete onion nursery cultivation during November

<p>For maximum yield, onions should be cultivated in mild and dry season. The farmers should complete the nursery cultivation this month so that it can be transferred to fields in December and January. 4-5 marlas of land and 3 kilograms of seed is required for cultivation of onions on one acre land. For transferring onion nurseries in the field, farmer ...

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Directions for start harvesting of sesame, when leaves falls

<p>Sesame harvesting should start when leaves of sesame start falling. When 90 to 95% of the leaves are fall from plant and if the 75% beans of the plants turned into yellow, harvest plants before the beans open. Make small bales to stand upright on a pre-made smooth soil so that light and air can pass through them easily.</p> <p>Raw ...

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Instructions to cover the crop with greenery or straw to protect the crop from frost

<p>Farmers are instructed to cover tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, chickpeas and pumpkins with straw to protect them from the frost. Winter and drought are causing frost conditions, so farmers should take necessary steps to protect the vegetables from fog during the fog days to prevent crop from damage. Because of the lack of rainfall and the increase in the intensity ...

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Growers advised to protect eggplant seedlings from diseases

<p>Eggplant seedlings are prone to attack of various diseases, so growers should ensure immediate remedial action in case of stem rotting. In early days eggplant seedling can be affected by stem rotting, which can cause severe damage to the crop. This disease invade the stem of the eggplant at the base, near to the ground. In this disease, a light ...

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In order to maintain the quality of sugarcane and presence of sugar content in sugarcane, farmers are advised to harvest the early cultivar of the September germination.

<p>Farmers have been instructed to harvest the early cultivar, the September germination and the early-ripening varieties. Farmers should harvest the above crop first and then harvest the middle and late ripening varieties to maintain the quality of sugarcane and the presence of sweetness in it. </p> <p>The harvest of the sugarcane should be cut one inch deeper than the soil as ...

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